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Match Review: Arsenal 3 Man Utd 0 - Premier League 04.10.15

Wow. Before the game I believed 100% that Arsenal are a better team than Manchester United. The Northern club have become a money spunking machine that is desperately trying to propel themselves back to the top of the league by buying anything that resembles a reasonable player. They've had a lot of straightforward games and despite a win against Liverpool, I've not been remotely impressed by them. Despite all this, to blitz them 3-0 is a long way beyond what I expected, especially after the disaster against Olympiakos.

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The Closing Gap

So far this season we have seen a number of ‘shocks’ in the Premier League with Arsenal being defeated on the opening day by West Ham, the same side crushing Liverpool and beating Manchester City, Leicester occupying a top six spot and Crystal Palace and Alan Pardew continuing to be the bane of Mourinho’s second managerial stint at Chelsea.

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