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Arsenal Are Like A Soggy Sandwich

The other day, I made myself a sandwich. It was the most frustrating thing I have ever made.

This sandwich, or at least the process of making it, was f*cking annoying. For 71 minutes, I fumbled the bread in my hands like a masochist playing a game of hot potato. It was at the 71 minute mark that I dropped both slices on the ground, and in the same motion somehow stepped on them and flattened them into what were essentially tissues. These were the only two slices of bread left in the packet, and I knew charities would be rioting outside my door if I let them go to waste. I had to retrieve them.

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Podolski Rescued Lacklustre Gunners

Match Review: Anderlecht 1 Arsenal 2 - Champions League - 22.10.14

Arsenal fans have long had to put up with the team making it hard for themselves, just look at the way we won the FA Cup. But Wednesday night’s game in Belgium was quite ridiculous, even by our standards. I’m struggling to think of many less inspiring performances we’ve produced, especially against an opposition we should have been beating with ease. For ninety minutes we pretty much embarrassed ourselves, yet somehow, despite going a goal down, we turned the game around in stoppage time to steal the points.

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Wenger Puts Trust In Young Argentine

Anderlecht vs Arsenal Match Preview - Champions League - 22.10.14

After a disappointing draw at the weekend Arsenal will be looking at this "easy" game as an opportunity to get some wind in their sails. On paper at least, this should be a walk in the park for Arsenal if they attack the way they did against Galatasaray. The problem for Arsenal however, is the game at the weekend was a so-called easy one as well.

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Enough Is Enough, When Will Arsenal Replace Gilberto?

Since being enveloped in a Twitter addiction, I've discovered that - not only does every spare moment revolve around checking updates and tweets from people whose opinion I respect - but that my vocabulary has gleaned new words. It has grown. These words would be ill at ease in a conversation with your family over dinner. These new found words though - are commonplace when talking football. 

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