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Is Arsenal's British Core A Failing Pipe-Dream?

For a small island nation, Britain has had a lot of influence in the world but none so felt as the introduction of Britain's favourite pastime - Football. Association Football is the world's biggest sport and is still growing in popularity in ever corner of the world. Despite the history of invention and an ongoing position of influence in the game British football failed to have a single player in the FIFA World XI in 2015 and no representatives from the top league either. Why does the home of football consistently fail to produce players that not only garner international acclaim but also can advance a British national team to a trophy? Is it because of the large amounts of foreign imports playing in every division, especially the Premier League? It is grassroots coaching or are the national and club managers to blame?

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Arsenal At A Crossroads After Chelsea Defeat

Match Review: Arsenal 0 Chelsea 1 - Premier League 24.01.16

At the end of Sunday’s game I could barely muster the energy to be angry. I’ve seen this script and this game many times before and to be honest, it just makes me sad. As the red card came out and Mertesacker trudged off I felt that familiar sinking feeling. As soon as Costa tumbled under the German’s challenge, we all knew what was coming. The inevitable goal followed by a valiant but fruitless struggle against odds followed and for me, it was depressing and a little boring. As ever, we dared to believe that things would be different, but Chelsea came over and took our lunch money again. It doesn't infuriate me in the way it used to now, I’m just tired of it.

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Arsenal's Best is Yet To Come (Maybe)

It feels as if Arsenal have fallen behind schedule in recent weeks. The reasons for this halt in momentum are perfectly explicable; a combination of difficult fixtures and the absence of important first team players. Arsenal have 44 points after 23 games, which is six or seven points short of where you would expect a title winning team to be at this time of the season. Chelsea had 53 points at this stage of last season while Manchester City had exactly the same points total after 23 games of the 2013/14 season.

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Diego Costa hands the Derby to Chelsea

Chelsea’s Diego Costa was the clear protagonist in last Sunday’s match against Arsenal. His input was vital; starting by provoking Per Mertesacker’s red card in the 18th minute, scoring the first and only goal of the match, and finishing with an injury 20 minutes before the end of the game.

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