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Returning Germans A Boost To Stuttering Arsenal Ahead Of Everton Test

Everton vs. Arsenal Match Preview – Premier League 23.08.2014

And so the battle is joined. Perhaps alone among our rivals last season, Everton threatened like no other. Sadly, Chelsea, Man City, and Liverpool pulled away down the stretch just enough to safely ignore us. Elsewhere, Man U and Spurs faded so badly that we could safely ignore them. Over the final weeks of the Premier League season we had to grapple with a club for whom fourth place would be a target, not a consolation prize, and for a time it seemed as if the Toffees would seize that destiny. However, they wilted under the pressure while we surged back above them. It’s a whole new season, and Saturday’s clash threatens to renew a rivalry that is still a bit fresh from the pressing.

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Beleaguered Arsenal Survive Stern Turkish Test

Match Review: Besiktas 0 Arsenal 0 - Champions League - 19.03.14

A difficult night for the Gunners ended in a scoreless draw. On a pitch that resembled a cattle grazing field and in a typically hostile atmosphere in Turkey, we were frustrated, but in the end came away with a decent result, all things considered. Besiktas were very physical, but unlike Crystal Palace, posed a genuine threat up top with Demba Ba and former Arsenal man Ozyakup testing our defence.

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Don't Hate Cesc

Watching Cesc play last night gave rise to a whirlwind of emotions that only an Arsenal fan would understand. THAT incisive pass for the second goal made my heart exasperate in awe of that beautifully constructed football move. Blink and they score. Fabregas is going to be a great signing for Chelsea and that's not a nice thing to have to admit. He will, as was apparent in last night's showing, transform the Chelsea attack. Last season they had a hard time seeing off teams in the bottom part of the table. This year, those same teams will not be able to keep up with the pace with which the Chelsea team are moving the ball.

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Foreign Gooners Honour Local Fans

Soooo, about the foreign fan thing...

I know. I know. You're thinking "oh FFS why, oh why, do we need someone else to weigh in on this tired debate?" and I get that. Truth be told, I hate myself a little for writing about it. Blogging about this feels kind of like jumping into a kiddie pool after the children have been in it all day without getting out for any pee pee breaks. The yellowish water of the foreign supporter debate is warm, smelly and pretty much everyone has pissed in it. So why would I want to jump in? Is it because I like the smell? No. Is it because the warmth feels strangely comfortable? NO! Maybe it's because feeling my just expelled warm pee surround my groin in a cold pool soothes me. We'll see.

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