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Wenger or Mourinho: Who would you want?

In this article we will be exploring the mercurial Jose Mourinho and enigmatic Arsene Wenger.

When Arsene Wenger took control of Arsenal football club in 1996, he was relatively unheard of. These days he is one of the most famous football managers in the world and unanimously agreed to have changed English football forever. He revolutionised football's approach to diet and reinvigorated players' careers. Sadly, these days he seems to be vilified even by his own fans for not going against his personal beliefs when it comes to transfer budgets and wage demands. I, for one, don't think this is fair.

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How has foreign investment affected the beautiful game?

Football has long been called the beautiful game, and today it is played across the world. The top football leagues, including the English Premier League, attract fans from across the world, and players are paid enormous sums. Indeed it seems for a club to succeed in a top league today, it requires an owner with deep pockets.

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What Are You Theo Walcott?

Seems a fair question. In as much as what type of player are you, Theo Walcott? Are you a winger, a wide midfielder or a striker? I don't confess to solve one of football's longest mysteries here but I will have a look at his merits and weaknesses for each position.

Since Theo's senior debut a decade - yes, that's right, a decade - ago, we have been asking what is his best position. There are those that say he is a striker, Theo himself being one of these, and now so it seems is Arsene Wenger. Although much of that may be out of necessity rather than a genuine desire to play him there. And then there are those who say he is a winger/wide midfielder. I'm not sure he is either. And here's why...

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