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Arsenal Have The Best Away Stand

Ticket prices have dominated the press for a few weeks now and for quite a long time Arsenal are unfairly painted as having the highest ticket prices in football - which any Gooner with a solitary brain cell can prove is factually incorrect. High ticket prices are often cited as the cause for the so-called lack of atmosphere at the Emirates and whilst there have been some excellent vocal perfomances from the stands in matches like Bayern and Spurs it is an almost unquestionable view - held by most Arsenal supporters - that our home fans are eclipsed by our away fans.

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Tenacious Alexis Ground Out Arsenal Win

Match Review: Sunderland 0 Arsenal 2 - Premier League - 25.10.14

Arsenal just aren’t in good form at the moment. Every game is a struggle and at the Stadium of Light, we were a little fortunate to come away with a victory. Having said that, there was a noticeable improvement in the performance and whilst the goal came from Sunderland mistakes, the overall showing from the team was a lot more positive than on Wednesday night.

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Stingy Sunderland Won't Be Pushovers

Match Preview: Sunderland vs. Arsenal Premier League 25.10.2014

For a club nicknamed the Gunners, we’re spending an awful lot of time dodging bullets. Our latest act of artful dodging came courtesy of two goals in the final minutes of the match at Anderlecht, with Podolski’s goal the sixth stoppage-time goal we’ve scored. We’ve played 14 matches, by the way, and scored 21 goals in total. To say that we’re living on the edge is putting it mildly. We might then look forward to facing Sunderland, who found a way to concede eight goals to Southampton. The reality, however, is a bit more complex…

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Arsenal Are Like A Soggy Sandwich

The other day, I made myself a sandwich. It was the most frustrating thing I have ever made.

This sandwich, or at least the process of making it, was f*cking annoying. For 71 minutes, I fumbled the bread in my hands like a masochist playing a game of hot potato. It was at the 71 minute mark that I dropped both slices on the ground, and in the same motion somehow stepped on them and flattened them into what were essentially tissues. These were the only two slices of bread left in the packet, and I knew charities would be rioting outside my door if I let them go to waste. I had to retrieve them.

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