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Alan Smith; Arsenal Legend & Gentleman

The annals of Arsenal's goalscorers requires readers to wear sunglasses. Absolutely bursting at the seams with eye-scorching gold, the history the Gunners have with lethal finishers is famous. Some of the English game's finest strikers have plied their trade in the red and white and we have more often than not had an accomplished frontman at the vanguard of our team.

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Forget The Cheats And Focus On The Double

Match Review: Arsenal 0 Barcelona 2 - Champions League 23.02.2016

As the the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, so the Champions League journey ends in the last sixteen for Arsenal. Scrape through the group stages, draw a difficult opponent, get our hopes up, cede an unassailable advantage to the opposition in the home leg and then valiantly fail in the away leg. Rinse and repeat. I’m not angry at all about it this season, I’m more of the opinion that we can now focus on the league and the cup which we have excellent chances in. The Champions League was always going to be a long shot, it’s just frustrating and a little boring to watch the same script play out every year.

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Out For The Season - Has Ox Kicked His Last Ball For Arsenal?

Arsenal have suffered a fresh injury blow as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is feared to be facing another lengthy spell after sustaining a double injury in the match against Barcelona on Tuesday night.

In a heavy collision with Mascherano, which ironically came from the Arsenal man showing too much of the ball to the Barcelona defender in what looked to be a promising attack, Ox suffered ligament damage in his knee and ankle.

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An Unnecessary Extra Fixture But The Treble Is On

Match Review: Arsenal 0 Hull City 0 - FA Cup 20.02.16

After such a huge high last Sunday, we were brought back down to earth on a drab Saturday. It should have been a routine win, but a rotated team put in a lacklustre performance against an ultra defensive Hull side. It adds an unwelcome extra fixture to our busy calendar and the game at the KC will not be easy at all.

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