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Arsenal's Attack Needs To Click Quickly

Match Review: Arsenal 0-0 Liverpool - Premier League 24/08/15

This was a curious game. Neither team played well in their first two games, but Liverpool had won both, whereas we’d already slipped up badly. While neither team lost on Monday night, both will feel they could and should have come away with the win. We can definitely feel more aggrieved not to have taken the points though, as there were a number of contentious decisions that went against us.

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Arsenal Look To Expose Liverpool's Soft Underbelly

Match Preview: Arsenal vs. Liverpool—Premier League 24.08.2015

There was a time, believe it or not, when these two clubs vied for supremacy. I’d like to make a play on “Prem” and “supremacy,” but the era defies such word-play. Ever since 1989, when Arsenal won the First Division in epic fashion, the two clubs have parted ways. At one level, that match seems to mark the arrival of the modern game. Whether it also marks the decline of a once-great franchise—Liverpool—is another question.

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Have Arsenal Got Better With Injuries?

With more injuries than most other top teams the fitness department at Arsenal has not been known for its good work over the years. However, many believe Arsenal have turned that particular corner. So, what has changed their opinion?

First of all Wenger added Shad Forsythe, who made himself a name with being the head fitness coach of the German national team from 2004 to 2014, to the back-room team last summer.

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