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Can The Ox Plug Into Arsenal's New Attacking Software?

There was a collective, knowing murmur inside the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday night, possibly the only time that any sort of negative vibe was allowed to penetrate the 90 minute wall of encouragement. Aaron Ramsey, who had already covered a quite astonishing 7438 metres, stretched one last metre to close down Bayern’s David Alaba. He immediately fell to the ground with a grimace, his hamstring tightening. Instantly, he glanced towards the bench and made the circular gesture with his index fingers indicating that his race was run. It will be six weeks before he’s back in the starting blocks.

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Özil Showed Courage To Match His Ludicrous Ability

Match Review: Arsenal 2 Bayern 0 - Champions League 20.10.15

This will go down as one of the great European nights at the Emirates. Arsenal stood up against one of the top European sides, executed a game-plan and took the points in a make or break game. Defeat would have all but condemned us to elimination from the competition and whilst it might not have been the worst thing for our league campaign, the Champions League is the pinnacle of club football and to be knocked out at the group stage would be embarrassing.  

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