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Self-proclaimed arsehole but that’s okay. He’s Josh, he’s @DNArsenal, and he’s here to inform you of whatever’s going on in that twisted, demented, occasionally perverted, and Arsenal-filled mind of his. Fun fact: allergic to the word “Tottenham,” whatever that is.

Arsenal's Eleven Heaven

There have been many famous numbers over Arsenal's existence, but few have been as full of legends and stars as our number eleven. From Carlos Vela to Andre Santos, this might just be the greatest number of our history.

As promised last time out, I'm going to make a list of our greatest number 11s of all time in honor of my eleventh post. Join me in this blast to the past, if you will. Except I won't be blasting you there, it's going to be a lot more gentle than that. Strolling to the past, maybe. Frolicking. Something like that.

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The Striker Situation

Today, I'd like to welcome you to what is officially my tenth ever blog. If there's anyone out there that actually read my first five blogs on my own site, you'll know that for the fifth one, I did a list of the greatest players to ever wear the number five for our club. Back then, I thought it would be a good idea to do it again with the number ten. I don't anymore. I'll be saving that for next time, with the number eleven, because that is far more exciting than talking about William Gallas and Robin van P*rsie.


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Saving Khedira From A Future Of Obesity

Hola amigos y amigas. Pardon my Spanish, it's just I'm still a bit shocked that we signed Alexis Sanchez. At the time, I wasn't too interested because it was looking likely for quite a while, but as time has passed, I've found myself struggling to believe that we've actually bought him. Does anyone have any song ideas for the man? I need something to belt out with my beautiful singing voice reminiscent of a constipated elephant that's being eaten by a lion that's having intercourse with a Martian.

Please leave any suggestions down below, I'd love to hear some of your ideas.

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