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Self-proclaimed arsehole but that’s okay. He’s Josh, he’s @DNArsenal, and he’s here to inform you of whatever’s going on in that twisted, demented, occasionally perverted, and Arsenal-filled mind of his. Fun fact: allergic to the word “Tottenham,” whatever that is.

Give Me Falcao Please Wenger

The optimism of my last post has managed to chuck itself out the window of a 200-story building within the space of a week. It didn't fall all the way down, however. There was a bloke cleaning the windows on the 142nd floor, and the positivity landed safely on the cleaner's lift, but it still took quite a drop.

If you haven't watched either the Besiktas game or the Everton one, and have gone on a complete media-lockdown other than looking at the scores, you're probably thinking I have no right to be a little bit down. A draw at one of the scariest places to play in the world and against a team who has a knack of playing well against us isn't bad at all. You might even say it's good.

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Zonal Marking Lets Arsenal Down But Diaby Could Feature In Turkey

Arsenal's win on Sunday was more encouraging than it was disappointing. Some people out there, especially those who choose to vent their frustrations on Twitter, seem to see the glass half empty even when it's overflowing. I beg of you not to listen to those miserable bastards (although I'm sure they're lovely people underneath all of the complaining), and instead, see the brighter side of things.

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Signing Javi Martinez would make me soil myself

Greetings, all who moved their mouse over the link to this Arsenal-related piece of writing and subsequently pressed down on the mouse with such force that it gave way and sent you to this wondrous land of football ramblings. I join you in the wake of Arsenal completing the most prestigious double in all of world football; the winning of the FA Cup and the Community Shield.

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