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Arsenal's best goalkeepers

Being one of the most renowned football clubs in the UK, Arsenal has had to keep to a certain standard. This is even more pertinent for the team’s player selection than other areas of their football tactics.

Goalkeepers are often neglected in this regard, as people tend to focus on the team captains and midfielders. However, these ‘guardians’ are as vital to the team’s overall success as any other member.

Speaking of Arsenal goalkeepers in particular, there are many names worthy of mention, but only the best among them have made the cut to the top lists:

John Lukic

This goalkeeper had entered Arsenal as a replacement for Pat Jennings, a well-established name in the team’s goal area. In spite of such frequent comparisons, Lukic managed to earn his title as an Arsenal goalkeeper of great quality, both during his years as a replacement and as first-team material.

His era brought one First Division title and Football League Cup to The Gunners, before he ultimately returned to his former club Leeds United, where he accomplished a admirable feat, winning yet another First Division title.

Pat Jennings

Travelling back in time again, one can surely notice Pat Jennings as a potential contender for such a list. Although he dedicated most of his career to The Gunners’ rivals, Tottenham Hotspur, he also earned recognition from Gooners.

He went down in history for his unusual ball-stopping technique. Making use of other body parts or just one hand, he appeared as innovative as the bonus code UK offer seems to today’s passionate sports bettor. In any case, he managed to win one FA Cup for the club before going back to Sp*rs and retiring just a year later.

Jens Lehmann

A transfer from Borussia Dortmund set this goalkeeper up against the challenge of filling his antecedent’s shoes, who by the way made it to the top on this countdown. In any case, Lehmann’s technique earned him respect and got the team one Premier League, one FA Cup and one Community Shield title.

With a problematic behavior which often sparked criticism, Lehmann is remembered as one of Arsenal’s craziest goalkeepers.

Bob Wilson

Joining Arsenal as an amateur in 1963, Wilson went on to make over 300 appearances between the sticks for the Gunners. A brave keeper who wouldn't hestiate to put himself at the feet of his opponents to protect his goal, the man from Chesterfield quickly became a favourite of the Highbury faithful. His affiliation with Arsenal lasted long beyond his playing career, which ended surprisingly early at the age of 32, as he became Arsenal's goalkeeping coach for 28 years tutoring most of the goalkeepers on this list. 

Wilson is remember fondly at Arsenal for his long service and gentlemanly nature. He is the founder of the Willow Foundation, a wonderful charity, that enjoys the support of Arsenal FC and its supporters.

David Seaman

An all time favorite, Seaman kept the goal clean for Arsenal for thirteen whole years. During his reign, he consistently acquired titles to complement the team’s capabilities, winning 3 Premier League titles, 4 FA Cups, 1 League Cup, 4 Community Shields and 3 different UEFA Cups.

With a reputation of a ‘rock-solid defender’, Seaman has yet managed to keep the worthiest title as the best Arsenal goalkeeper.

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