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Famous Footballers Who Like to Gamble

Gambling is a kind of an entertainment that is beloved by a great number of people not depending on a social status and income level. Politicians, managers, office workers, as well as world-known sportsmen (mainly footballers), visit casinos.

Football is a game that is very similar to other gambling entertainments in terms of the atmosphere. Being on the field and trying to shoot a goal in a competitor’s net- players receive adrenaline that helps to make unbelievable actions. The same thing can be said about gambling in a casino.

Virtual casinos & famous football players

In accordance with the journalists’ statistics, half of England’s national football team visits internet gambling websites. They play various slots as well as card games. A great example would be Wayne Mark Rooney who managed to win 70000 pounds. So why not follow this great example and start with free slot machines online?

Apart from Rooney, there are many footballers who spend time in online casinos and poker rooms because in such places their personal information is confidential and one can win and lose without being embarrassed.

David Beckham’s love of gambling

Having finished a career as a midfielder in such teams as Real Madrid and Milan David Beckham got interested in gambling games. He is spending a lot of time in the best casinos in Las Vegas, making large bets.

But Beckham doesn’t only play in casinos, he also takes an active part in a gambling business. According to rumours, he signed a contract with owners of casinos in Macau and Singapore. Advertising these places he receives a great income. For purposes of ads, he even organised meetings with fans in several casinos that belong to the Las Vegas Sands company. From the investors’ perspective – cooperating with Beckham will increase the number of clients in Singapore, Macau and other countries.

English football players love gambling

Lots of famous footballers are passionate fans of gambling games and various bets. The most gambling football players live in England. For instance, a well-known footballer of Arsenal, Paul Merson who has lost around 500 thousand pounds playing card games in casinos.

It is not a secret that many English footballers like to spend their free time playing card games. Very recently, a forward of Manchester United Michael Owen lost to a midfielder of West Ham United 30 thousand pounds.

Needless to say that coaches have a bad attitude to such kind of an entertainment but nevertheless, they also actively gamble. In 1975 the Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk became a champion in a card game called Klaverjas. Former frontman Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink often lost large sums of money in real gambling houses. For example, once, before an important game, he managed to spend the whole night in a casino and lose 50.000.

It has to be said that not all footballers are bad gambling players. Some of them even play professionally and take part in tournaments.

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