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Happy Birthday Safe Hands - On This Day; 19th September

51 years ago, on the 19th September 1963 a certain David Andrew Seaman was born, he would go on to become one of Arsenal’s greatest players of recent times.

Seaman, affectionately known to Gooners as "Safe Hands" went on to makeover 500 appearances for Arsenal. During his stay in North London he won three First Division/Premier League titles, four FA Cups, one League Cup and the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup in 1994.

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Twitter Brings Gooners Closer Together

Social networking started to bleed its way into the mainstream with Myspace. I adored it. I pimped out my page to such an extent that Xzibit now can't look me in the eye. Much like the first rumblings of sentient creations from the idiots at SkyNet however, it is evolving. 

What started out as mindless surveys that questioned what your favourite pizza topping was (for the record, mine is always pepperoni, extra pepperoni and extra cheese, I call it 'The Cardiac special'), has now left the rotting carcass of Myspace to be mercilessly picked clean by cyber-buzzards and has grown into a vessel much better suited to the convenience of the present day.

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Preview: Arsenal vs Crystal Palace - Premier League 02.02.14

It's hard to resist the urge to start this off by playing on the idea of an in-form striker coming to the Emirates, but the transfer-window remains open as I write, and, let's be honest, Marouane Chamakh, as ever, is still not in-form. As such, let's not get too cute about the overlap between the transfer-window, our quest for a striker, and Chamakh's, er, homecoming. He's shone a bit brighter recently, but not enough to make your correspondent pine for his return.

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