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It isn't cheap running a podcast and as the podcast grows in popularity so does the cost of running the podcast.

In order to provide you with the best possible podcast we can, outside of our own brand of weirdly dark humour, we invest heavily in good quality audio equipment, editing software, audio file hosting and domains.

Currently, the podcast costs an annual £140 just to host and that does not include the constant and ongoing improvements we make to our audio equipment and software - all designed to give a crisper show and to reduce file size to speed up your download times or lessen the drain on your data usage for those who stream our podcast. 

If you would like to make a small donation to our podcast fund to help us keep going and improving then it would be much appreciated. The Goonersphere Podcast will always remain free to listen to but any small donation you can make helps us keep the podcast advert free. If donations ever exceed costs and we too far off renewal to put it towards that we'll buy some really nice things to give away on the podcast – or just all go to Nando's.


Here is a list of our sponsors and the message they left with their donation.

Sim - "More Brown people! Especially Sim, he's really good looking and kewl. The fact that my name is also Sim is purely a coincidence. That Canadian guy is also pretty funny."
Jonah Hister - "Best Arsenal pod around" & "Paying for enjoyable content: what a novel concept! Keep up the great work, gents."
Alex L - "Keep up the good work"
Paul Farrell - "Would love to be able to give more , hope this helps in some way lads. @ArranAFCSTL"
Stuart Roberts - "Superb podcast from the Wurzel and the other one, who could be from anywhere, plus a Dutch porn star."
L A Hammond - "Love the podcast guys, bloody hilarious"
Dan Betts - "Worth every penny fellas. Keep up the good work."
Danny The GFP - "I didn't leave a comment so Goonersphere are going to pretend I said something really offensive"
Tomas Purton - "@noobGooner here....Funniest pod around....Keep it going guys!!!"
Doug Farfaglia - "You guys put out my favorite Arsenal pod and I think I listen to all the Arsenal podcasts!"
Michael Raymont - "Love the podcast, listen every time, keep up the good work!"
Fahd Kamil - "Very impressed with the effort. Keep going guys"

Total donations

£130.34 as of 05.05.17

Running costs to date

£772.99 (hosting x4 years, microphones, software etc)

Thank You

Why thank you very much! You've been redirected to this page because you have pledged some cash to our podcast relief effort. Our Demon overlord also thanks you for your soul.

By donating to our podcast fund you are helping keep us on the air (I bet you wish you didn't donate now). Your donation helps pay for equipment, hosting and registration. Any additional cash left over after administration costs will be used to purchase Arsenal related apparel and will be given away to some of our lovely listeners.

Thank you for donating. Please click here to return to the podcast page.


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