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Petr Cech's Agent Insists Goalkeeper Will Not Leave Club Before Contract Expires in 2019

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Despite being one of the best goalkeepers to play in the Premier League, and considered by many to still be one of the top stoppers, Petr Cech’s Arsenal future has been put under scrutiny. Something his agent, Viktor Kolar, has been quick to dismiss, even going as far as assuring the media Cech will still be a leading part of the Arsenal team even after his contract expires in 2019.

An incredibly talented keeper with an outstanding pedigree and reputation earned over an illustrious career with Chelsea and now Arsenal, Cech’s arrival at the Emirates stadium was met with fervor. However, his stellar reputation has not stopped Arsenal’s supporters from putting his errors under a microscope.

Football has become an increasingly impatient sport from a spectator’s point of view. Once admired, on occasion deified, elite footballers are rarely safe from criticism when poor performance visits. Perhaps the advent of social media has something to do with this as whilst fans and aspiring athletes will scour the web to find the supplements suppliers like 120kgs to help achieve the level of their idols they do not hesitate to voice their opinions on their performances either.

Petr Cech may be an incredibly talented keeper with a ton of experience but that did not stop Arsenal fans airing their concerns over his recent errors against his former team, Chelsea. The renowned goalkeeper had made a number of unusually considerable mistakes, which some believe was a key factor in Chelsea winning the game.

To cap it all, there is even talk that Cech peaked a long time ago and is in a decline a team with title ambitions cannot afford to bankroll. Some even suggest his performances have been steadily dropping quality since last year pointing to the run between October and December where Petr was unable to keep a clean sheet for eight games as evidence.

Talk of Cech leaving has been fuelled by rumours that Arsenal are looking for a new goalkeeper as well as the technical and mental improvements shown by former number one, Wojciech Szczesny, currently on loan at Roma. Szczesny is not the only Premier League keeper on loan in Italy that the Gunners are keeping tabs on as Arsenal scouts have been spotted at Torino games with eyes on Joe Hart.

However, the goalkeeper’s agent has put the subject to bed for now at least and given Cech’s settled family life in London the likelihood of him leaving this summer is slim. Over examination of his errors is rather endemic of the mood around Arsenal at the moment, given the high aspirations and low achievement of the squad this year. There is plenty Arsenal fans can feel aggrieved about and consider cause for their lacklustre title challenge but Cech is a tenuous one. Recent errors aside, Cech has had a pretty decent season and has made a great deal of crucial saves that suggest Arsenal would be in worse straits were it not for their veteran stopper.

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