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Thierry Henry's Top 20 Goals - Watch

Today it was announced that Le King, Thierry Henry, had retired from professional football. The man who remains the flagbearer for excellence in the Premiership will no longer ply his trade on the pitch. His name is enough to take me on a magic carpet ride of memories. His touches of genius are still used as a comparative barometer for all goals scored.

So on the news that the man represented by a bronze effigy outside of The Emirates has finally hung up his winged boots, I thought I would attempt to collate his many luminescent instants and list them in a Top 20 format in honour of his 20 years on the pitch. Any opportunity to pore over his highlights is akin to a pig rolling in filth - his highlights reel is pure joy - and it doesn't lose impact no matter the time expired.

I have tried to take into consideration many factors - such as aesthetics, impact of goal and difficulty of opposition. I hope you enjoy reminiscing just as much as I did.

20 - Vs Blackburn. 2007

Henry took the ball in his own half, ran with the ball, exchanged passes with Cesc and then proceeded to hit it first time from outside the box into the top corner. Showed he still had the skills after an injury hit last season.

19 - Vs Charlton 2003 

Hands on hips. 25 yards out. He whips in a zipping free-kick that is so precise it hits the inside of the side netting, leaving Kiely flapping.

18 - Vs City 2004 

Titi has the ball to the left of the box. A couple of touches and he sidefoots the ball into the net. He generates such force that it arrows into the top corner as if he laced it. Precise. 

17 - Vs Liverpool 2006 

Carragher has the ball out wide. Henry nicks it off him, leaving him slumped on the turf once more. He zones in on goal and nonchalantly finishes. Pure Henry mixed with tenacity. 

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