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Where do we go from here?

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This is the first season where Tottenham Hotspur will finish above Arsenal in over twenty years after they beat the Gunners 2-0, so where does the club go from here?

The Owner

As we know from all the clubs that Kroenke owns, he’s hardly one for splashing the cash and even likes to take £3m dividends out of the club now and then. As we know money means everything to the man as he sees the club as an investment. So the only way he’ll be tempted to leave is if fans stop showing up and buying merchandise, but that’s even more unlikely than Wenger leaving.

The Manager

With most of the Arsenal fans wanting the manager out, is this the only solution to Arsenal’s problems? Will this even make any of the Gunner’s problems go away? With the owner of the club not showing any ambition, is Wenger only the front man. If Wenger does go who will the club bring in, Allegri, Simeone or even Patrick Viera? All of which can be argued are a current upgrade on the manager, bringing in fresh new ideas but will the club be able to attract such high profile managers. Also, will they be able to attract high profile players like Ozil, who’s reason for signing for the club and maybe extending his contract is Wenger.

The Players

During that 2-0 defeat did any of the players show any heart? Maybe it’s time for a few new faces. Has Wenger been putting too much faith in players for too long, with the British core having been a failed concept, with Jenkinson, Gibbs and Wilshere all not or barely in the team, Ramsey not impressing anyone and Chamberlain’s contract running out. Every summer Arsenal are linked with great players but time and time again the deals fall through; Draxler, Suarez, Higuain.

So whether you think changes have to happen from bottom to top or top to bottom, something we have to agree on is that something has to change.

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