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Gunning for Data: Arsenal haven't lost on my birthday in over a decade!

Whilst watching Arsenal play Leicester City on the eve of my birthday a very peculiar and unusual yet interesting thought occurred to me. It was a feeling of Deja Vu, as I remembered very specifically that at my birthday last year, I was also hoping that Arsenal would win. It did not stop there though, I was quite certain that for throughout my adult life, I have Arsenal has never lost a game around my birthday on 11 February.

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We can’t win the league with just Giroud

With a return of 23 goals and 9 assists for Arsenal last season, the stats aren't too in favour of my opinion on Oli. However, I will go on to justify my reasoning behind why the league won't be ours next season with just Giroud upfront.

Yes, he can hold the ball up well; I'll give him that. But can he get on the end of a wonderful Mesut Ozil through ball when we need him to? No is the answer to that question, and that frustrates me. With the unnecessary criticism that Mesut was constantly receiving last season, Giroud wasn't helping on his part at all. In Madrid, Ozil was used to threading delicate but fast-paced through balls to Ronaldo and Benzema and with their ability to get on the end of them, Mesut racked up more assists in Europe than Xavi & Iniesta combined.

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Arsenal's Golden Boy

Cesc is everywhere. In the newspapers, on the TV and especially on f*cking Twitter. Now, everybody is entitled to their opinion and I respect that so I've decided to subject you to mine.

I f*cking love Cesc Fabregas. Forget Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Pires, whoever. Cesc is the ultimate. True he ruined the 'legend' status by leaving but I absolutely adored him. The silky swagger with which he glided around the pitch, the impossible through balls and that beautiful mullet that bobbed up and down. Even his name is exquisite - Francesc Fabregas- go on say it (I know you f*cking want to). He was my favourite player of all time and yes I must admit I still go weak-kneed every time I see him grace a football pitch. But do I want him? F*ck no...

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Will this be Arsenal's year?

The title itself would have made clear what this article is all about. I am going to try and answer this question for you keeping in mind everything that my mind is capable of keeping.

It’s January 15th, and we are already past the half way mark in the Barclays Premier League. 21 games have been played by all the participating teams, and as it stands, the club based in Holloway, London, though with just a point’s lead, are top of the league table.

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