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Captain Fantactique

cf2Jeremy Docteur, known on Twitter as @BackoTheDoc, is a Franco-Australian Gooner with a spark of interest in tactics and the atmosphere of football in general. Jeremy is the Goonersphere tactical analysis and Ligue 1 expert and will be writing incredible tactical analyses as well as giving us the lowdown on the noises coming from Ligue 1.

What Game Is Theo Actually Playing?

Football? Only when he decides to. Taking the fans for fools ? Certainly. His case is based on a paradox; with 21 goals (14 in Premier League) he has just achieved the most prolific season of his (not so young) career. The story can even go further as he is Arsenal's highest goalscorer this season. In terms of assists Walcott is also Arsenal's second best player providing 10 of them, ranking him 3rd in the entire Premier League. Once all these figures are on the table, it is very hard to imagine one can be critical (constructively so)...

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Organisation of Arsenal

How mad is football? Not so long ago, Arsenal only had a little hope of qualifying for another season in the Champions League. Today, the situation has drastically changed. The Gunners have their destiny in their own hands, thanks to a great run of good results and disappointments from Chelsea and Tottenham. Besides the numerous possible scenarios a win would basically guarantee 4th place and even maybe 3rd place if Chelsea happens not to win their encounter. The latter assures Arsenal achieve the intended target of a place in the lucrative group stages of the European Cup.

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