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Super Jacky Wilshere Has Nothing To Apologise For

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I'm writing this from the comfort of my living room feeling quite lethargic after a weekend spent consuming only beverages of the alcoholic kind and quite a high quantity of them.

In fact I consumed so many that I cannot remember leaving The Compton Arms in North London and arriving at Wembley, I didn't know Alexis had scored a screamer or that Mertesacker had even registered a goal until I saw the highlights Sunday morning, I thought I'd won a bit of money as I had a bet on 4-1. Only to be informed by my slightly less intoxicated friends that the game had finished 4 nil and I'd won nothing. What a brilliant day though, my friends and I celebrated long into the night. Back to back FA Cups and hopefully this is just the start of another glory era.

Well done Arsenal. Twelve FA Cups. No one can better that.

On Sunday the Arsenal players celebrated with the fans at the victory parade. My friends and I were stood opposite Islington Town Hall. The atmosphere carnival like again, smiles everywhere and everyone resonating that feel good feeling. You may have seen the media outrage at Jack singing anti Spurs songs but it wasn't just at The Emirates he sung those songs, he did it near us as well. We all joined in, Wenger smiled. Szczesny took the microphone and cheekily asked if "anyone had a lighter?" Cue laughs before Jack, obviously off his trolley after the consumption of alcohol attempted to start the Kolo/Yaya chant but instead slurred the Kolo part and no one joined in. It was funny. How good is it to call Spurs shit alongside an Arsenal player? It's almost like he's one of our own....

I'm yet to see one Arsenal fan offended. I've heard some people say "there were kids there". Look, don't get me wrong, I see your point but people swear at football. When I start taking my son to go watch Arsenal with me he'll be told to not repeat the words he hears. But he'll hear them. That's just the way it is. Spurs fans might be offended, but they have anti Arsenal songs I'm sure and if they are ever lucky enough to have a victory parade again then Harry Kane can go right ahead and sing one. Although I doubt he'll sing anything against the club he supported as a boy. 

Footballers earn obscene amounts of money every week, living in a bubble separated from the working class origins football grew from. As a fan you can sometimes feel a million miles away from the players you support on the pitch so how good was it to see Jack mix it with us? I applaud him, it was Arsenal's victory parade. Not the media's, not Tottenham's. Ours.

Arsenal have apologised because an Arsenal man got really drunk celebrating a victory and sang a few anti Spurs songs and a load of Arsenal fans joined in. Jesus Christ, Arsenal will have to start apologising every week.

Anyway, what do we think of Tottenham?

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