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Arsenal's Eleven Heaven

There have been many famous numbers over Arsenal's existence, but few have been as full of legends and stars as our number eleven. From Carlos Vela to Andre Santos, this might just be the greatest number of our history.

As promised last time out, I'm going to make a list of our greatest number 11s of all time in honor of my eleventh post. Join me in this blast to the past, if you will. Except I won't be blasting you there, it's going to be a lot more gentle than that. Strolling to the past, maybe. Frolicking. Something like that.

Cliff Bastin

Height: 5'8"
Position: Winger
Appearances: 396
Goals: 178
Years at Arsenal: 1929-1946

Without doubt one of the most cool and clinical finishers of our history. Held the scoring record until 1997, when Ian Wright very rudely broke it. Considering he played on the wing, that's a very impressive feat, although he was our regular penalty taker thanks to his extreme composure in the box. His career was unfortunately halted by a combination of a bad injury and the Second World War. After football, he returned to his hometown of Exeter and ran a pub. Those were the days.

Charlie George

Height: 5'11"
Position: Striker/Attacking Midfielder
Appearances: 179
Goals: 49
Years at Arsenal: 1968-1975

Had a fantastic hairstyle that I personally think Giroud would look great with. As far as his football goes, you could say that he was brilliant. Not many would argue. As any human with a fully functioning brain would, he supported Arsenal as a boy. Will be eternally remembered for his role in the historic 2-1 victory over Liverpool in the 1971 FA Cup Final, scoring the goal deep in extra time that gave us the win and the Double. What a goal it was, too. Fun fact: he made short shorts look cool.

Anders Limpar

Height: 5'9"
Position: Winger
Appearances: 116
Goals: 20
Years at Arsenal: 1990-1994

Lightning quick, ambidextrous, clinical, and creative. Essentially the perfect winger, and one can't help but feel like he'd have been more effective and appreciated if he were managed by Wenger rather than Graham. Instead, he was forced out of the club by the gaffer he likened to Saddam Hussein, because everyone knows torturing and killing thousands of your own people is just as bad as being a really harsh football manager. He's now the CEO of Best Bet Today.

Marc Overmars

Height: 5'9"
Position: Winger
Appearances: 142
Goals: 41
Years at Arsenal: 1997-2000

Another incredibly quick player, and actually a lot like Limpar. He had a brilliant debut season, but never quite managed to reach those heights again as injuries began to take their toll. Ended up being sold to Barcelona for way too much money, and didn't really meet their expectations. However, this move did mean he was able to join the club of failed transfers from Arsenal to Barcelona.

Nicolas Anelka

Height: 6'1"
Position: Striker
Appearances: 90
Goals: 28
Years at Arsenal: 1997-1999

"Le Sulk" showed amazing potential, but left the club before he could fulfill it. Overall, his performances for us don't really justify his place on this list, but we made over £20 million off him. One of many players to admit he should've never left the greatest club in the world.

Robin van Prick

Height: Not big enough to stay at Arsenal when we needed him most
Position: Traitor
Appearances: 279
Goals: 132
Years at Arsenal: 2004-2012

Believe me, I didn't want to put him on this list, but part of me knew that he deserved it. As much as I hate him for being a money-grabbing little sh!t, he carried us in 2011/12. If it weren't for him, we might have actually been relegated, so we might as well give him that. He also scored some blinders down the years. And besides, look where he is now? Settling for mid-table mediocrity. And he said he didn't like the direction WE were going. Ha.

Mesut Özil

Height: 5'11"
Position: Attacking Midfielder/In Neil Ashton's nightmares
Appearances: 40
Goals: 7
Years at Arsenal: 2013-Present

Future legend.

And there we go. Back to now, where it's been OVER A WEEK SINCE WE SIGNED ANYONE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING IVAN? #WENGEROUT

Anyway, I do hope you enjoyed that leisurely cruise down Memory Lane. Sorry if I forgot anyone good, I'm a little off today. One website said that the Romford Pelé once wore the famed no. 11 shirt, but I couldn't find anywhere else that confirmed that statement. Even if he did, oh well. It's only Ray Parlour.

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