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Sanogo Has Broken My Trust

Okay everyone, just to let you know, you are not going to see me glue pubic hair to my face. Sorry if that’s why you came here.

I don’t think I’ve ever been horrified at the sight of an Arsenal player scoring a hat trick, let alone four goals, but Yaya Sanogo ruined what would have been a good day for me.

The tweet has now gotten 3,600 retweets, and along with that attention inevitably comes some lunatics. The good news is that I find those idiotic haters extremely amusing. I got a death threat from one person, and another little boy instructing me to kill myself. All for making some stupid little bet! Surprisingly, they were both Chelsea fans.

However, apart from Sanogo betraying my trust, Saturday gave us a good game against Benfica. Joel, Bellerin, Chambers, Ramsey, and Yaya all excelled in the 5-1 battering, and I expect all to play important parts in the upcoming season. For me, the most exciting was Ramsey, because he showed once again that he hasn't lost any of his magic.

The second game of the greatest tournament in the world didn't go quite as well. The 1-0 loss to Monaco wasn't the most promising of results, but there were some upsides. The main positives were Chuba Akpom and Calum Chambers, with the latter proving to have the intelligence, ability, and calmness to play in the heart of defense. Wenger is still saying he might eventually move further up the pitch, but for now, he's a great back-up in a position that definitely needs some depth.

This is especially the case now that Vermaelen seems a certainty to leave. I'm rather disappointed about this, as he's a much better player than people give him credit for. He lost his form after an injury, and I'm sure after a good run of games he'll be back to his best. Any team will be lucky to get him, and we'll be unlucky to lose him as a reliable option at the back.

However, if we get £10 million or more for him, I'll be pleased. That can easily be reinvested in another deputising defender, with a little extra cash left over that could go towards the holding midfielder.

Speaking of that role, rumours of Khedira joining us are disappearing, being replaced by more pleasing talk of William Carvalho. As I've said on many an occasion, I want him like Tottenham want to be considered a big club. Desperately. Oh so desperately. The return of the fear factor at Arsenal is a beautiful prospect, and if my dreams come true, opponents will literally shit their pants. Imagine Samir Nasri with a poo stain on his shorts!

Unfortunately, that wonderful thought has to be interrupted by me talking about the lack of a striker arriving at the club. Any talk of one coming in has now totally vanished, leaving only the hope that we don't go and pick up Bendtner on a free. The good news is that Sanogo looked very interesting against Benfica. Although he didn't score any that were eyebrow raising, he was finally able to convert some of the millions of chances he gets every game. His energy, strength, and positioning make him a nightmare for defenders, so if he can keep up the clinicality he'll be a huge player in the future.

Joel Campbell showed similar qualities in that game, and his goal was really quite fantastic. I'm sure he'll end up playing up front in a cup game or two if we ultimately keep him, which I think everyone hopes we will.

So, actually, we seem pretty prepared in that area. While I think eventually we'll have to splash out on a world class striker, we'll probably be okay for now. We also have no idea how good Sanchez is going to be playing there, as against Monaco, he'd only been with the club for two training sessions. He wasn't quite on the same wavelength as his teammates, but I'm sure after a little adjustment period he'll be raring to go.

More importantly right now is a defensive midfielder and a central defender. The second is almost definitely going to happen considering Vermaelen is on his way out, and the first seems possible. Hopefully everything works out and we get who Wenger wants most.

On Sunday, we will play the first "competitive" match of the season against Manchester City. I say "competitive" because I'm sure no one at the club really cares whether we win or lose. It's a glorified preseason game, but obviously I'd like us to win it. Setting off on the right foot is important, and no one wants to start a season with a loss on their minds.

Hopefully we won't have to endure that, but it will be a difficult task. City aren't a team to be messed around with, and if we play at the pace that we played at against Monaco, we'll be punished. It's obvious to many that we're at our best when we play at electrifying speed, pinging one-touch passes about the pitch and unleashing the terrifying speed of our forward. That is, unless Giroud's playing. In that case forget about playing at pace, because he doesn't understand that word.

My ideal line-up has to be this:

Debuchy | Chambers | Koscielny | Gibbs
Wilshere | Ramsey
Oxlade-Chamberlain | Cazorla | Campbell

There's probably no way that it'll be the team that takes on City, but it's a team I'd like to watch. I expect Sanogo to play up front, with Sanchez on the wing. That could definitely work too, but the sheer speed of my pick is awesome.

Anyway, there's not really too much else to talk about. I just can't wait until we play games that matter. Roll on Crystal Palace, you Chamakh-inspired beauties. Please let us win.

I'll be writing again this weekend, so look out for that. Also, keep your eye out for me in a certain newspaper. I may have given an interview about that tweet. But I may not. I don't know anything anymore.

See ya.

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