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Arsenal Made Me Believe

This is the second post I've written today, just so you know. The first was a bit of a Deadline Day Diary I was keeping, where I was hoping something exciting would happen. Instead, we just signed Danny Welbeck. It ended up with me using over 2,000 words to explain how f***ing p***ed off I am.

I'm lost for words. I really am. Yet, for some reason, I have to try and find some so that I can say them to you.

I'm disappointed. I am so incredibly let down by our club and the people that run it. They had us thinking that this summer was different. They led us to believe that the FA Cup was our foundation and we were going to build on that with some key additions.

I think the majority of the fanbase was in agreement at the beginning of this transfer window, in that we all saw that the two things that prevented us from winning the title last season; a world class striker and a defensive midfielder. Have we signed either? No.

Basically everyone saw that last year we needed another centre-back, because as it stood, Bacary Sagna was our fourth choice, after Thomas Vermaelen. Have we added one? No. Instead, Vermaelen was replaced with totally inexperienced (although extremely promising) Calum Chambers, and our fourth choice centre-back is now Nacho Monreal.

And look, Danny Welbeck might come good. I'm not saying he's a bad signing. What I am saying is he's not the striker that I believe we need. We passed on players like Mandzukic, Costa, and Balotelli, who all probably would've gotten a goal tally in the high 20's, if not in the 30's. Instead, we've gone and bought an unproven striker in Welbeck, who looks to me like a complete panic buy.

I'm worried about this season, now. It's going to be another race for fourth, and we might be lucky to make it this time. Many will disagree with that opinion, saying that we've bought five players, and that this can't possibly be an unsuccessful window. When three of those players are replacements, and the other two don't fix the biggest problems we had last season, it's not a successful window. When you have months to get deals in place and completed, and then reportedly scramble on deadline day, searching for a defender, but ultimately run out of time to sign one, it's not a successful window.

I don't know why Wenger leaves it so late. I don't know why he failed to address the two issues that prevented us from winning the title last year. All I know is the way we handle transfers is wrong.

And if anyone asks me who I would have signed, I will draw a picture of what I think you look like and set it on fire. It's not my f**king job to figure out who we should sign. It's Arsene Wenger's job. Has he succeeded in that job? No. No, he most certainly has not.

Do I think Wenger deserves to remain manager of Arsenal? For now, yes. A couple of weeks ago, I would have said absolutely. He's lost some points for me in this window. He's shown, yet again, that he's either too ignorant, stubborn, or incompetent to do what's needed to get us back to our glory days in the beginning of the millenium.

I've also seen some people saying that everyone should be so incredibly happy because our team has improved since last year. I agree that it's improved. However, it hasn't improved nearly as much as the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea, and Manchester City are still way ahead of us. Liverpool might be too.

I feel stupid, honestly. I feel like an idiot for trusting the club, for believing that we'd changed. I thought maybe we wouldn't let this happen again, but no. Once again, we are leaving the transfer window knowing that we're just two or three signings away from competing for the title.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm just letting the disappointment get the better of me.

I hope so. Not making the top four would be a disaster for Arsenal. Right now, that Champions League spot is all that's keeping our fanbase's opinions on Wenger divided. If it goes, I have a bad feeling he goes.

I don't feel like talking about the Leicester game. It was sh*t, and I feel sh*t.

Still, we still have Ozil, Alexis, and Ramsey, and our back five, when all fit, is one of the best in the league, if not the best. I think we'll barely make the top four, but if either half of Mertescielny picks up a serious injury, we can forget about it. I just can't get over how irresponsible that is.

Till next time.

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