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Self-proclaimed arsehole but that’s okay. He’s Josh, he’s @DNArsenal, and he’s here to inform you of whatever’s going on in that twisted, demented, occasionally perverted, and Arsenal-filled mind of his. Fun fact: allergic to the word “Tottenham,” whatever that is.

Sanogo Has Broken My Trust

Okay everyone, just to let you know, you are not going to see me glue pubic hair to my face. Sorry if that’s why you came here.

I don’t think I’ve ever been horrified at the sight of an Arsenal player scoring a hat trick, let alone four goals, but Yaya Sanogo ruined what would have been a good day for me.

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Arsenal Defender Captured By Madrid Manager Sam Allardyce

Hello everyone, and welcome to a post that I really couldn't wait to write after the fantastic reception my last one got. Apparently I'm crazy, full of sh!t, trying too hard, and my opinion and humour are both dreadful. Cheers guys! You're all far too nice. Have you considered writing Valentine's Day cards for a living?

Luckily for those of you that just adored my last post, my sh!t sense of humour shall continue into this one. After all, it's what makes me the annoying little prick that I am, and I'm for some reason quite proud of that.

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Arsenal's New Medical Procedure

Howdi y'all, I join you in the wake of the worst defeat of our preseason so far, especially given that Alexi Lalas was one of the commentators over in America-land, and he's essentially an American Nicklas Bendtner. Some might say that it's the first defeat of our preseason, but I would beg to differ. In my mind, every game in which Sanchez doesn't play right now is a defeat. I just want to see those chubby little hamster-like cheeks drifting around the field like a hamster than can drift around fields.

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