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Mount Forthplace Beckons

Rise as one, Gooners near and far! For this is the day of battle, and we have little respite granted to us before the Toon-zog horde beckons in their filthy keep. This campaign has taken our fellowship through many a twist and winding turn, yet through shadow and flame we have emerged, destiny in hand, ready to claim Mount Forthplace.

Before we ponder the end of our long and arduous journey, let raise a few pints of the Gaffer's Old Brew and recall the week that was. With the Chavruk-hai, laden with riches from distant lands, feasting on man-flesh at Villa Park and the scum of Middlesex stumbling to victory in Mordor, our Rohirrim were given a tall task.

A spirited band of Warg-riders, drinking the blood of their enemies out of a newly-conquered FA cup, crept into our beloved Lorien and stormed our beloved keep of Edoras. The Hammerfoot of Poldomir, dormant in recent battles, came to life as he struck the opening blow. After the ever treacherous Mikezad-Din conjured a series of cheap tricks in the Wargs' favor, we rode out to meet them and turned the tide for a resounding victory.

Alas, here we stand! We are but a few small steps from journey's end, yet there is a tremendous battle that we must wage. The Toon-zog horde and their Dark Lord Pardieux cannot pass, lest our fate wind up in the hands of the Balerog and his fellow brigands lurking in the Mines of Middlesex.

In this necessarily fateful chapter of our journey, I have but one request for all of you. By all that you hold dear, stand tall against the looming shadow! Put aside your opinions of Lord Wengermir and the state of our coffers. Put aside whatever grudges and musings might displace your attention on this vital day. Lend your swords, bows and axes in one unstoppable charge and we shall take the Toon-zog keep as our own on this night.

There may come a time when the courage of Arsenal fails, but it is not this day. This day, we ride! For glory, and the red and white dawn!


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