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Sim is a caramel love-god who walks the Earth dishing out pelvic justice who in his spare time enjoys drinking too much, watching Arsenal, debating semantics and writing fan-fiction about the object of his unhealthy obsession, Jok.

New Year, Same Referees

Alas the new year is upon us and following the usual New Year festivities where joy is shared and merriment is enjoyed it also offers us all a bit of time for some quiet contemplation. One is given the chance to reflect upon the last 365 days not as if they have any intrinsic meaning, a year is an entirely man-made construct that basically means this - we've just flown around the sun through the vast nothingness of space and we are now in roughly the same spatial coordinates as we were this time last year. Which is true of any other day, but I digress ...

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Last Years Top 6 - Where are they now?

My Attempts at Humour

Yawn. I'm tired and I suppose to keep in tradition with my abhorrent writing style I should preface this drivel by saying my views are in no way a reflection of the views held by Goonersphere or the Goonersphere Podcast or any of their debauchery-ridden subsidiaries. My views instead stem from a reasonably adequate childhood, a grammar school upbringing and a general naivety that can be both endearing and frustrating, or so I'm told.

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