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Betting tips on who will get into Europe this season

For the past few years the top four has been hard to predict outside of the top 2 with up to as many as 6 clubs fighting for a champions league spot with less than 5 games to go in some years. This season is no different however if the press are to believed then it's pretty much tied up for Sp*rs and Chelsea to get into the Champions League at the expense of Arsenal.

History would suggest that such assumptions are foolish as Arsenal have a way of making it into the top four no matter what and with less than 10 games to go and Arsenal being 4 points behind Sp*rs with a game in hand and a better run in.

The Europa League places may have a similar fight but we have a sneaky feeling that the status quo will remain and Arsenal will once again be a Champions League club and our Tuesday or Wednesday European nights will be followed by the aptly named Spursday. Liverpool and Everton are fighting it out for a Europa League spot too and we have a cheeky bet on Everton beating their local rivals into a European place.

This would be a smack in the face for Brendan Rodgers who will see the club he left to join Anfield playing European games next season. Swansea City will play in the Europa League next season, having won the Capital One Football League Cup, the first trophy of the season, but who, if asked last August, would have thought that this would happen? The last time that Swansea played in Europe was 22 years ago, and with their 5-0 win over Bradford they demonstrated their determination to play there once more next season. If you had spotted that one coming at the beginning of the season and had placed a bet early on, then you would be looking at a tidy profit.

Betting on the teams that qualify for the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League is always a little tricky. You need to decide on which clubs will finish in the top five places of the Premier League (the top four mostly go into the Champions League and the fifth into the Europa League either as the Group Stages or the play-offs), which club will win the FA Cup, which also goes into the Europa League, the winner of the FA Cup, and the top club in the fair Play League, which currently is the Arsenal, though it is always a bit of a gamble.
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