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Abusing Arsène? You're plane mad.

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Arsène Wenger became the manager of Arsenal Football Club in 1996. Over the last 21 years he has guided the team to three Premier League titles, six FA Cups, an unbeaten season and a Champions League final. 

When Arsenal Football Club relocated from Highbury to the Emirates Stadium it was a target of the club to qualify for the Champions League five times out of the next eight seasons. This was so the club could afford its new state of the art, 60,000 seater stadium. It had to be done on a frugal budget compared to other sides competing for the top four. Arsenal and Arsène Wenger managed to qualify eight times out of eight. An achievement he describes as one of his best.

He's overseen the signings of Arsenal greats such as: Henry, Campbell, Özil, Alexis, Pires, Ljungberg, Gilberto and more.

Oh, and not once, to date, have Arsenal finished below Spurs under his guidance.

And yet, here we are; protests, in fighting, banners, crowd funding for planes flying messages. What gives people the right to think giving a man, who has done so much for our club, this treatment is in anyway right or just? I just can't fathom it. 

I believe it is time for change at Arsenal. I believe, since our financial position improved in 2013, we have underperformed in the league with us yet to really challenge going into the final months of the season. We have underperformed in the Champions League, going out at the Round of 16 stage every season since 2010/11. In recent seasons Arsenal's record in "big" games is nothing short of abysmal and some of the results have been nothing short of embarrassing: the 5-1 away to Liverpool, the 6-0 at Chelsea, the recent 5-1s with Munich. You literally could go on and on.

And yet, despite those negatives, despite failing to take Arsenal up to a level where many of us now believe we should be competing, Wenger still managed us to Champions League qualification in each of the last three seasons and led us to silverware in the form of the FA Cup twice.

This season, we have once again failed in the bigger competitions but still stand a good chance of Champions League qualification and we've got a trip to Wembley for an FA Cup semi final. It should be better, we do seem to have the same season, with the same mistakes every year but it is THAT bad? No. 

I think you can want change without abusing a man who gave you so much. I think it showcases how ungrateful you are if you feel the need to unfurl banners and hound out the man who gave you so many good memories and moments. To sing "you're killing our club" to a man, who for all his faults, gives nothing but his all for Arsenal. He's been proven wrong many times but everything he does is what he believes is best for Arsenal Football Club. If you even gave one penny to a crowd fund that wishes to fly a plane calling for his sacking over the Hawthorns on Saturday then you are a danger to society. This is the man who gave us the only gold Premier League trophy in existence.

This is the biggest Arsenal legend of the lot. 

This is Arsène Wenger for God's sake. 

You nobheads.


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