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3 reasons Chelsea won't win the title and why that might be good news for Arsenal

Chelsea won the championship last season and they're hoping to win it again this season but we don't think it's going to happen for tonight's opposition. They still rank high on the bookmakers list, and they are in the top three of the possibilities for winning the English Premier League. Chelsea have too many problems this year to hold on to their title and we'll be hoping to put another dent in their hopes with a much needed win of our own tonight.

Losing top talent

Eden Hazard and Diego Costa scored more than half the goals last season and the former is rumored to be following the latter out of the doors at Cobham and heading to the Spanish capital. Costa is free to play for Atletico Madrid and if neighbours Real Madrid get their way Gareth Bale could be swapping places with Eden Hazard. Much of the Chelsea core attack was built around these two players and if this season they are without them there and without having some new talent in of equal star value, it's going to be a very hard for Chelsea to maintain that level of offence - Gareth Bale would be a huge addition to Chelsea's squad but he's a completely different player from Costa and Hazard so they'd be a little lopsided. We believe the bookmakers are being very generous with the odds they present us even on the best free bets site. We might put a small wager down on them just for the fun of it, but we don’t believe that they will be the winner in any way.


One of the hardest things to do after winning a championship is keep the momentum going for the next season. It's too easy to think you are the best and have already succeeded. You need to put your nose to the grindstone and get the momentum better so you can win the second season with a championship mindset. This is just human nature and is why it is generally very hard to defend titles in almost any sport.  Unless the main team is either so far ahead or so skilled or have an extremely good coach that takes them by the scruff of the neck and make him understand, people have a tendency to coast a bit. We don't think that Chelsea can maintain the momentum enough this year to catch up with Manchester City.

Champions League

Last year Chelsea did not have to deal with Champions League football so they were more rested and had more time to train to become a winning team. This means more time on the training pitch, more rest, and more strategy. This gave them an advantage over many of the teams last year that had played Champions League football. When you play that much it’s easy to get worn out and it's hard to keep that level of performance going for such a long period of time. This year Chelsea is also in Champions League and we believe it will wear on them quite a bit. There is just no way to keep that top level of performance when you're playing in two leagues. At that level, it causes amazing stress on the body and there's just no way to recover fast enough to be your best.

Chelsea is still a great side, we are not saying that they don't have a shot at the championship; we're just saying that the odds are not there. Even the bookmakers, as generous as they are, are not putting them in the top slot. We believe a lot of the odds that Chelsea is showing is from people betting from what they think from their heart from last year. If you really look at things carefully and unemotionally Chelsea just has too many issues to really make the same run at it that they did last year. Manchester City is a better bet for the title and for the Gunners' sake lets hope that feeling has started to sink in to the Chelsea players.

There's every chance the feeling of loss will galvanise the Chelsea squad to play without fear or restriction and that could either make them formidable or sloppy. As far as Arsenal are concerned a formidable unrestrained Chelsea free of expectation is no different from a Chelsea fighting with every fibre to retain their title so slightly altering the prospects to introduce a chance of a sloppy opposition is one they'll relish. Arsenal won't be expected to win against Chelsea so perhaps they'll be unrestrained too and an Arsenal with nothing to lose is often the Arsenal that performs best.

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