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This is What Ambition Looks Like - Get Used to It

Some Arsenal fans are a whinging, moaning, good-for-nothing, humourless bunch of hideous cockwombles. 

Perhaps that's unfair, but many of them are getting on my (firm, gentlemanly) tits at the moment. Why? Transfer rumours of course! Well, not transfer rumours as such, more transfer realities. The early storm of AMBITIOUS SIGNINGS has subsided somewhat, which annoyed many, but we were still left with the pursuit of Gonzalo Higuain, which was on the verge of being done as recently as last Thursday. However, negotiations appear to have hit a Fiorentino Perez-shaped snag, and the deal is on hold at the moment. Which of course, led to Arsenal fans complaining.

"Why don't we just pay the extra £3m? F***ing stingy board"
"We were never gonna sign Higuain, this is just a convenient excuse to pretend we tried"

That's the kind of thing I've read. There have also been more reasoned arguments, such as that Arsenal had offered enough for Higuain as it is, and to pay the £27-odd million demanded by Real Madrid would be Manchester City-style foolishness. After all, for that kind of money we could buy someone like Lewandowski or Suarez, right?

Right, we could. And Arsenal noticed that, and duly bid for Luis Suarez, while continuing their interest in Wayne Rooney from the beginning of the summer. Higuain, once on the verge of a medical, is now the third-choice striker target for Arsenal. Of course, that's assuming he isn't snapped up by another side, or doesn't decide to stay at Real.

You'd think pursuing two top-level strikers for hefty transfer fees would be enough for Arsenal fans. You'd think that the fact both players are interested in joining them would be even better. But apparently not. The reaction from many Gooners now is: "Stop f***ing around with players we aren't going to sign and sign Higuain ffs!!". There are also suggestions we're only pretending to go after these players to make it look like we tried. I give up, I honestly do.

For years Gooners have complained about Arsenal's lack of ambition. Making safe signings, or no signings, trusting in unproven players or players that will never make it. Why don't they use their money to buy top-quality players and make a fist of winning the league? Now Arsenal are, they're complaining about it and calling for safer signings to be made instead. Signing Rooney, or more notably Suarez, will be incredibly difficult, and may not come off. But Arsenal are clearly trying-hard-to lure these players away from Premier League rivals for large amounts of money. Today Suarez said he was 'flattered' Arsenal made a £30m bid for his services. Obviously, Liverpool want a lot more money, and Arsenal may not stump up. In my opinion, with Suarez's baggage and antics, £40m would be the absolute maximum anyone should have to pay for him. £30m is hardly 'insulting', as some have suggested. 

Ambition is striving to go beyond what many think you can do. Nobody thought Arsenal would or could try to sign Suarez, but they are. The pursuit will likely end in failure, and could leave Arsenal with a Loic Remy or a Darren Bent instead, but the fact is they're being ambitious and going for it. Arsenal fans aren't familiar with this kind of behaviour, and so deride it and criticise it. Your club is being ambitious. They're taking risks. Let's hope it comes off. 

DISCLAIMER: "Arsenal fans" means the ones that have annoyed me, not all of them. Definitely you though, you fuckwit. 

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