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ITK (Part 1)

With every passing day, you realize you will not fight bad guys, not join MI6, not write that best seller, not score the penalty in the Champions League final.  You will not wow a courtroom with your legal brilliance.

Hopes and dreams are now only dreams.  You start to care about office politics because nothing else is happening. 

"I will never be in love."  You love the sister you've married, but there's no hunger, no need.  There never really was.  This was supposed to be temporary until... she came along.  The woman with her hair tied loosely in a bun, whispy tendrails descended, wearing a scarf, glasses, stunningly beautiful (no one had noticed her but you, of course)-- lost-- needing to be saved---

You know you don't really deal with footballer transfers. You know Arsene Wenger isn't asking your advice on the ins and outs of clauses. But you know a secret: If, in the preposterous situation of Wenger picking up the phone, you'd know exactly what to do. You'd be able to do it.

What you, as a modern, middle aged, narcissist wants is to find a way to put one foot in reality and keep one foot in fantasy. A solution that lets you keep fighting the traffic twice a day. To have just enough hope that one day the fantasies could come true, that you keep on going. That a 40 something man could suddenly know the Arsenals deepest secrets before anyone else does.

You're not unfinished. You're just undiscovered.

So what do you do?

You become an ITK on twitter.

(End of Part One)

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