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Overall report of the fan club meeting in April

AST Questions

  • In the context of £140m cash reserves, do the club's Board believe that the extra £2.7m generated from the ticket increase will even be spent? Did Arsène Wenger request the additional money as vital to making the team more competitive?

Ivan said: "Yes the money will be spent, but I can't guarantee that all of it will be used on transfers. Yet the total revenue will be used to cover all costs - as wages, transfers and for example the renovation of Colney." As for the second question, Ivan replied that Wenger always work within the given budget, but did not say whether he spends all the allocated budget given by the club.

  • In December 2013 Arsenal broke the tradition and announced far earlier than usual that ticket prices for all Platinum, Gold, Silver and Red members were to be increased by 3 per cent for Season 2014-15.

Ivan replied with a short answer and said that it did just happen after all without any plans before and that they didn't plan that after the City loss. Continued talking and added that he doesn't know exactly when things like that will be announced in the future and that those kind of decision will be made in time and announced in time.

  • Why was this approach taken?
  • Will it become the usual time for increases to be announced?
  • Can Arsenal ask for Supporter Group input ahead of ticketing announcements?
  • Are Ivan Gazidis and the Board still committed to their statements in 2011 and 2012 that the ordinary fan is in danger of being priced out of football and subsequently that they have intend to reduce the top-line costs of tickets as commercial revenue increases?

Here in fact was the point where the discussion started moving upwards seriously and "protective reaction " from him. He actually told the people that were present at this meeting that he was angry that the Arsenal Board is presented as "greedy " and people that try to take every possible penny out of the fans' pockets. He added that even the cost of the tickets [as a value to the price of everything else] has fallen over the past eight years after the move to the Emirates and presented the following chart for everyone at the meeting:

afc wages

GA average price - General Admission average price ( average ticket price )
RPI - inflation
% Growth = the total increase for the period
CAGR = average annual increase

Said that decisions are not taken to increase the mean of the real wage inflation , which is the leading cause for them, and continues to say that if the club's aim was to 'bleed' fans [take their money] , it would have followed another different and more painful trajectory. He acknowledged that there is room for improvement on the commercial side, and he said that their goal is the total percentage of revenue from ticket sales to reach 30-33 % (one third) of the total revenue as a percentage since he has taken the office in 2009 when it was 40% - currently not yet there, but there has been some progress.

Ivan still hopes that there will be a reduction of "art money" and excessive spending by FFP, but they can be confident and have more or less to plan such increases [ticket prices] to maintain the club's level as it is - or less because otherwise we'll just be behind the largest inflation of the players' wages.

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