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Overall report of the fan club meeting in April

  • Removing the additional surcharge costs for games played beyond the 26 covered by the Gold general admission season ticket in the same way that Club Level already encompasses all games

The reply was that they think it's fair that the provided price includes 26 tickets and if there are additional matches in the season then the holder of the season ticket can quit.

  • A 'Premier League only' season ticket consisting of 19 games

He said that they put a lot of money to the fans so they can have options for disposing their tickets if you do not want to go to games (whether for EPL or not), so people can put them on Ticket Exchange, they can ticket transfer to other fans, receive direct credit for putting their money for the ticket, so they do not attend every 26 games included in the offer. He continues to say that he feels there's need for 'punishment' and the club are looking to reduce them.

  • Extending the excellent Young Guns scheme to also cover Category A games

Gazidis said that the decision to introduce that was supposed to be some kind of a budget outcome (explanation: How much would be the lost to the club by giving the price of £10 for a ticket for less than 18 year old fans) and to get into this budget, they have made compromises to exclude the derbies because the difference compared to the current prices for those game is big [too high]. Otherwise, they said that the plan with this well-developed program is to reach the number 1000 of given tickets to minors/children compared to the 700-800 tickets that are being given at this stage and for the developed plan to happen and to be finished Ivan asked for the help of the fans.

  • About freezing all ticket prices for season 2015-16

He said that it was too early to make such tough decision in one direction or another at this stage. Continues to say that any decision regarding freezing prices haven't been made yet.

  • Investing in an improved Ticket Exchange Scheme so that more tickets are made available for fans to buy

Their response was that they have not stopped investing at all, and even now there is a sheet of at least 70-80 innovations and improvements over that work. Gives an example, this season in the Ticket Exchange system there have been 28 000 tickets sold through it but their goal is to reach 50 thousand per season so they have not stopped looking for ways to promote the scheme and people to really enjoy it.

  • Investing in an improved Ticketing Technology so that Home credits can be awarded, leading to an even fairer system of allocation for cup semi-finals and finals

He said that this is definitely one of the things that the club are going to aim at, but before the club gets to this level, they need to put a lot of technological improvements that allows them to be able to make such points. As an example they gave a CRM system that can in fact monitor and look after specific people with season tickets that do not go to games and if they try to sell to other fans then the club connect with them and give them a heads up that if they do not go to games and if by any means the reason for that is because they do not care the club will seek punishment for such action, or simply because they are unaware of the options (Ticket Exchange, Ticket Transfer)

  • Will Arsenal be upholding their own Customer Charter when Puma take over the shirt sponsorship and only changing the home and away kit every other season?

Ivan rejected/declined to answer this question and after that he added that until the contract with Puma officially comes into force, the club doesn't have any legal rights to comment on subjects related to the future sponsor, but hinted that we will need a new and home and away kit each year (as fans expect that kind of action because they are used as common gifts for children and without new products many would complain about it)

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