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Overall report of the fan club meeting in April

RedAction Questions

  • Is Arsene Wenger's performance objective simply to finish in the top four; or has he been underperforming against a more ambitious objective?

In fact there was no answer for that. Gazidis began to speak that they aim much higher, but at the same time if compete [win] and finish in the top four then that would take account of this successful season baring in mind the situation with our recent injuries, and the judgment for ourselves for the position where we stand.

  • Arsenal will be gaining an extra x% match day revenue in 2014, thanks to a 3% price increase, 2 additional home cup games, and 2 games at Wembley. What can fans expect to see as a result of this additional revenue?

In fact there was a similar question asked by the AST as well and they could answer this question too.

  • Were Arsenal embarrassed that the European Champions decided to subsidise the match tickets for their own supporters for the Champions League match at the Emirates as they deemed them too expensive? (IG has previously quoted Bayern Munich as the business model that AFC aspire to emulate, yet they clearly have differing views on ticket pricing)

Said that he did not feel ashamed because Bayern are just prizing their visiting fans as Arsenal made ​​(referring to that Doda £ 2.50 discount on each ticket to visit this season, and give each fan a £10 voucher for beer/ food at the Etihad stadium before Christmas).

  • What are Arsenal doing about the supporters who are purchasing match tickets but not attending matches, thus denying other supporters the opportunity to come and watch Arsenal matches?

Another reply that mentions that the AST have asked this and that they could and should be able to answer this as well.

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