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Does Arsenal Need Cesc Fabregas?

With rumours spreading like a wild fire in recent weeks of Fabregas returning to Arsenal after just 3 years with his beloved Barcelona I wonder if we really need to spend £25m+ on him? No..? Cesc Fabregas is one of the very best players in his position and with such a keen eye for a pass, the sort of passion that can carry you a million miles, many Arsenal fans are drooling over the prospect of seeing the Spaniard back in an Arsenal shirt. He has a rumoured £25m buy back clause that Arsenal inserted in the original deal of Cesc to Barcelona but do we really need to spend that money on him?

Well, in short, no. Yes, Fabregas is cherished by the masses at Arsenal Football Club, yes, he loves Arsenal, but when Arsene is "only" equipped with a war chest of £100m to spend on players in the coming transfer window, in reality, it would seem a little bit mindless and rash to spend that much money on a player we don't need.

You can argue until pigs start flying and fish come out of the ocean singing Frank Sinatra that Cesc would add the much needed 'depth' to the squad that all Arsenal fans have been crying out for but if Arsene Wenger does decide to bring back Cesc, I for one wouldn't like to see it - it shouldn't even be a consideration until we've signed the other 3 or 4 players we need...

Right back

With Sagna looking very likely to leave Arsenal in the coming days/weeks, the first priority in the summer transfer market should be a right back to replace the French veteran. Serge Aurier is a name that has been juggled, thrown and spun around in the Twitter world many times recently and on paper; he seems the ideal replacement - he's quick, loves a pass (as do us Arsenal fans), he can actually cross a ball into the box, something Sagna fails to do A LOT and he can also defend, an attribute pretty useful if you're a defender. The FC Toulouse player was picked in the French Ligue 1 team of the season and was crowned youngster of the season in France, something that has not gone unnoticed with the Arsenal faithful.


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