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Judgement on Arsenal's ambition and how should Arsenal fans see it

Ambition; it's a word that divides many Arsenal fans in real life and on social media - a word that has caused many problems in the past. Ambition is defined as a strong desire to do or achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work or shortly said, desire and determination to achieve success.

We live in a time where even the smallest mistake will be noticed and criticized, even if it isn't that big of a deal. Being a supporter of a football club like Arsenal has been tough in the last 9 or so years but our return to success was definitely worth the wait. Many have learnt to be patient and to wait for the perfect opportunity to jump aboard the ship of optimism and that time has certainly arrived yet there are still some who are questioning the club's ambitions and desire to succeed, improve and become a world wide power, financially and on and off the pitch.

There are still some who think that the club isn't run by the perfect people, who aim disrespectful vitriol towards the board, the directors and most of the time at the manager. In reality, he's been the best coach in the world over the past 20 years alongside Sir Alex Ferguson. Something I don't like, at times, is the criticism aimed towards the man behind the curtains; Mr. Stan Kroenke. Even though, he barely watches Arsenal in the Premier League, he's the owner of the club and has invested a lot in its current facilities and everything around its current structure and whilst I don't like him acting like a ghost I think he's a very good businessman and for what it's worth, I believe he has employed the best people for the job at our club.

We, I mean Arsenal FC, decided to take down Highbury Stadium 8 years ago and to move into a new, bigger, far more attractive and modern stadium; the Emirates. However the board and the owner weren't convinced and for some time, they were being pushed for it by the man - the man who at that time brought Arsenal to another level - the wonderful and one and only, Arsene Wenger. If it wasn't for him we wouldn't have had the Emirates today. At that time it was a huge and unbelievable move and project but the club made a 10 year plan and set their sights for a long term future and SUCCESS.

The plan was going well until the Russians and Qataris took a huge interest in the EPL and our rivals began to spend unrealistic and stupid amounts of money on big name players who brought them instant success. That was the focal point that turned the fans against the club but nobody could understand the position that we were in at that stage. Most thought that Wenger was a selfish man who didn't want to spend the money so he could fill the owner's pockets but that was, is, and will be forever, untrue. We NEVER had the money prior to last summer when we received a huge income and we weren't in a position to sell so we can spend.

I don't like to mention names and I won't mention but I will take an example from one guy, to elaborate my point and it isn't only one guy who has said something that doesn't make scenes, I've seen at least 30% of Arsenal's fan base saying similar stuff.

Let it start now.

We all have personal wishes that we'd like the club to make them come true but sometimes we don't get lucky with it but that whatsoever doesn't give me nor you or anyone else the right to fire shots at the Club or the Club's Manager, Director, Board or owner.

This summer we've seen many teams, including Chelsea, United and City doing business early and that has frustrated many fans and their expectations weren't that high as they should've been. That indicates that they don't have faith in the club's reps and in my eyes, that is not good for them because they divide the fan base.

Chelsea signed Costa and Fabregas, United signed Shaw and Herrera, City signed Sagna and Fernando while Arsenal signed no one but are consistently linked with many players and in meantime Wenger doesn't give a f*ck while playing volleyball on the beach in Brazil and commentates on games for French TV. Fans went mental when photos of Arsene on the beach came out, many replied "WTF is he doing" etc etc and that we lack ambition blah blah blah. Okay, what do you want him to do, be in the office or be in a country where every world class player is at the moment? If you want an office guy go lick Rodgers' balls and expect Lambert-esque signings, for God's sake.

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