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Stillmansphere is our regular Tim Stillman column. Tim is a well-respected Arsenal supporter and writer for various sites.


No Benzema, No Problem?

I think Arsene Wenger is certainly open to adding another striker to the squad prior to the close of the transfer window- if he can. But unless the Benzema piñata is cracked open by a Madrid signing, I don’t think it’s going to happen due to the paucity of market options. In this context, Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud have been able to make hay whilst the sun shines. Both have signed contract extensions in 2015 and both have probably been able to capitalise on the lack of viable alternatives when negotiating an uplift in terms.

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Welbeck Could Be The Striker Wenger Wants

Arsenal have arguably addressed their most pressing squad need very early in the window with the acquisition of Petr Cech from Chelsea. The idle transfer talk revolves around upgrading and there is a very broad consensus on the two positions where Arsenal could do with some decoration. The emergence of Francis Coquelin has at least partially cooled the Arsenal jets in the screening midfield position (though not entirely given Arteta’s age and fitness levels). Centre forward is of course, a much sexier position and most of the chatter has focused on the Gunners finally acquiring that genuinely top class centre forward.

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Abou Diaby: Myth and Legend

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It’s been a good three years in coming in truth, but today, the name of Vassiriki Abou Diaby featured on Arsenal’s ‘released’ list, published on the official website. The list is not carved in stone of course, but with the contracts of messrs Rosicky and Arteta also at their expiry, it seems unlikely that Diaby’s name would feature were there any prospect of renegotiation. Arsene provided some sympathetic soundbites when Diaby played in a clutch of U-21 fixtures in the spring, but never seriously considered him for first team action. Still, the curt administrative progress that brings the curtain down on his Arsenal career seems brutal, not brutal like Dan Smith’s “tackle”, but the result is no less lugubrious.

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