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Arsenal is a popular club with millions of supporters all over the globe. It should come as no surprise then that Arsenal is one of the most written about clubs on the internet—indeed, there are new Arsenal blogs starting up every week to add to the thousands already publishing content.

Quality content can often be lost in all the noise made by click-bait sites in an increasingly competitive environment and good writers can sometimes feel demotivated as their voice is drowned out. Goonersphere hopes to help do something about this. 

We give a platform to a range of writers passionate about top notch content and, of course, The Arsenal. Whether you are an aspiring journalist looking to gain experience, a seasoned blogger looking for a new home, or someone who just loves writing about Arsenal and gets a kick from people reading your content we have opportunities for you.

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So what do we want from you?

Commitment? Sort of. When you have an article forming itself in your mind, bursting to get out, we'd like to be your first port of call. That's all the commitment we request. To be your place of choice for new content. Some sites will request specific days or topics but that's not what we are about. Quality is key and if you have to force it to meet a commitment then it's not going to be as good as if it had come naturally. The only time we ask for content on certain days/topics is time sensitive stuff like match previews and reports. All that said, if you're passionate about our youth team, successful ladies side or rich history and want to be a dedicated correspondent or columnist for such affairs then you are more than welcome to do so - just know that as long as it's about Arsenal you can write whatever you like.

Exclusivity? No. You are free to write for any site you like. In fact we encourage our writers to explore different audiences and use those experiences to develop their craft. We'd like you to consider Goonersphere your home and where you'll publish the bulk of your content but we won't ever demand your exclusivity.

Original content? Yes. It is imperative that your content is original to Goonersphere. There will always be similar topics on other sites but if you are submitting content to us it has to be the first time it has been published. If you have your own blog and want to publish it there as well then we only ask that it is live on Goonersphere for at least 30 days before it is republished elsewhere and that it links back to your original post on Goonersphere. This will enable new readers to discover content from your fellow Goonersphere columnists and yours in return.

What can you write about?

That's entirely up to you. If it's Arsenal related it's relevant. A few ideas for content:

Match opinions
General opinions
Fan fiction
News stories
Player profiles
Club history
Youth matches & news
Ladies matches & news
Club finances
Match previews
Match reports

We have dedicated writers for match previews and reports but it's a long season and I know they would love help from time to time so if you are interested in writing those we'd love to talk to you about it.

What can we offer you?

A voice on an established Arsenal supporters' website
Your Twitter handle linked on your articles & promoted on our growing social media pages
Complete autonomy on what you write

Sound good? Get started by registering here. Once you're done you can access the login via the drop down menu under 'home'.

All content is submitted on a voluntary basis with potential for future freelance payments as you help the site grow. Any such payments will be discretionary and subject to tax laws in your country.


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