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Stillmansphere is our regular Tim Stillman column. Tim is a well-respected Arsenal supporter and writer for various sites.


Is Theo Still A Tactical Fit For Arsenal?

Arsenal have waited a long time to be able to reintroduce Theo Walcott back into the fray. The England forward’s attributes are, by now, reasonably obvious and it’s equally apparent as to why a player with Walcott’s qualities would be missed. In the final furlong of the 2013-14 season, shorn of Ramsey, Özil and Theo, the Gunners became rather one paced and predictable. That Walcott and Özil have crossed one another like ships in the night is one of the minor tragedies of the last 12 months. It’s impossible to imagine the pair not enjoying one another’s company on the pitch very much indeed.

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Can A Wilshere & Ramsey Partnership Work?

There are two things that are abundantly evident from Arsenal’s season so far. 1) Arsene Wenger has switched his system around with mixed results. 2) Arsene Wenger really wants Jack Wilshere to be a feature of his starting eleven. Most observers, myself included, fully expected Wilshere to begin the campaign on the outside peering in with regards to Wenger’s starting eleven. The triple entente of Arteta-Ramsey-Özil had finished the season reasonably strongly. That midfield trio duly started the F.A. Cup Final against Hull City in May.

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