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Quiz Time: Win The Official Arsenal App

Welcome to the first edition of Quiz Time with Bradley Cromack. Today we have three simple questions for you to answer and one lucky quiz reader will win a copy of the Official Arsenal App.

You can either enter the quiz just for fun or to win the App. If you do not own an iPad/iPhone and you win we will work something out to an equivalent value.

So here are the questions:

Q1) Against which club did Arsenal gain a first competitive win last season?

Q2) How many league goals did Lukas Podolski score last season?

Q3) How many clean sheets did Wojciech Szczesny keep in the league last season?

To enter the competition or just to answer the questions please leave your response in the comments section below. To comment with your own name please tap/click on the "Post as Anonymous" line beneath the comment box to input your name and email address. Only answers with real email addresses and non-anonymous names will be entered in to the competition (you can use nicknames and psuedonyms). Winner will be drawn on 5th July.

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