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Özil is a Gunner

Mesut Özil's transfer to Arsenal was *the* deal of transfer deadline day and *the* deal that completely changes the current image of Arsenal FC. How big the transfer actually is can easily be seen by the reaction of all groups of supporters. Arsenal fans, not being used to a signing of this magnitude, were in disbelief for a good while - as were Real Madrid fans. Naturally, both for different reasons.

It is a transfer that divides opinion not only between the clubs involved, but also in the country where Mesut Özil grew up, played his first football and where he is a key player for the National Team - Germany.

Podolski and Özil

Some papers here speak from a bombshell, superlative or spectacular transfer - others tend to highlight him fleeing from Madrid, from the new players like Bale and Isco and the big competition. The rest went about it in a quite rational manner. Going into the last day of the transfer window I don't think many would have put bets on Arsenal pulling off such an astounding deal but they defied the odds and with Özil's arrival you can expect the odds on them to win something this year to shorten so now might be the time to have a flutter on Arsenal with Betfair sports.

It is a transfer that surprised, but when analysed closely, one that makes sense. For Özil, it is not about shying away from competition, it is about being valued and trusted - almost unconditionally. What stands out though is the element of real surprise. Surprise, maybe because it's Arsenal, but mainly because of Özil's strong comments in favour of Real Madrid - made only a couple of days ago that had everyone believe this transfer as impossible.

Fan opinion ranges from he failed at Real, Arsenal is a step down to great move, will fit right in and Madrid will regret this. Basically, every opinion possible. Having said that, fan opinion is generally about confirming stereotypes: players will eventually fail when moving abroad or Arsenal aren't a big club anymore. Therefore, this reaction could have been predicted. But that's not really important. It puts Arsenal back on the map and sends a signal throughout the football world. This club is back and ready to sign genuine world class.

New Arsenal Signing Mesut Özil with German national team and ex-Real Madrid team-mate Khedira

What is more important than the reaction of fans is the reaction of people close to Özil. Officials, team mates or else. Oliver Bierhoff, manager of the German NT, praised the move and was happy that Özil was able to find "such a great club". A club where he will be able to "take over responsibility" and develop both as a person and as a footballer. Sami Khedira, his team mate at Real Madrid spoke of regret and of a potential loss from a footballing perspective.

What remains is a transfer that nobody could have anticipated and that will keep people talking for a while. It is a transfer that strengthens Arsenal positions both on and off the pitch - and if it were to results in ending the trophy draught rather sooner than later, it would be even better.

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