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Don't Hate Cesc

Watching Cesc play last night gave rise to a whirlwind of emotions that only an Arsenal fan would understand. THAT incisive pass for the second goal made my heart exasperate in awe of that beautifully constructed football move. Blink and they score. Fabregas is going to be a great signing for Chelsea and that's not a nice thing to have to admit. He will, as was apparent in last night's showing, transform the Chelsea attack. Last season they had a hard time seeing off teams in the bottom part of the table. This year, those same teams will not be able to keep up with the pace with which the Chelsea team are moving the ball.

Cesc left Arsenal in the summer of 2011, after concerted efforts on the player's part to force a move through to his 'home town club'; Barcelona. There was unprofessional behaviour – refusal to go on the tour to Asia. There was love – in abundance. Cesc was, and in some cases is, still adored by Arsenal fans. So much so that he was revered even while he played for FC Barcelona. However, Cesc joined Chelsea in the summer of 2014 and the love affair was over.

The sight of Cesc Fabregas in a Chelsea shirt makes some people sick. It makes some people want to make a Cesc voodoo doll. It makes some abuse Arsenal for their decision to not sign Fabregas. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I disagree with some fans and their hate for Fabregas.

Fabregas has had nothing to do with Arsenal since the summer of 2011 and he never will. Get over it. When Fabregas left for Barcelona, he was doing what he thought was best for him. We as Arsenal fans, should have then done what was best for us – move on. Cesc is a truly gifted football player who just so happens to play for Chelsea football club (*Cringe*).

Arsene has evolved his team around Ozil and let's face it, if you sign a player worth 42.5 million pounds; you have to give him confidence to perform. Wenger had his reasons for not signing Fabregas and we have to give him the benefit of the doubt, at least till the time the season is well and truly underway. We cannot judge anything on the basis on one match.


I also feel that if this situation arose in 2013, we would have signed Fabregas. It just wasn't supposed to be. If the same situation arose in a daily job environment, any individual who cannot get employement in the place they want to work will look for the next viable work place – which was Chelsea in this case.

For a footballer, a club is their employer. It is very different from the relationship we share with the club we follow – a relationship with minimal consideration from the club versus the mad enthusiasm and loyalty shown by the fans. We chose the club we support, but a player is chosen by a club to play for them. That is why when a player makes proclamations of eternal love and badge kissing shenanigans ensue, it's best to ignore them.

As twitter is the main source of news for me, I spend a lot of time on it. The Fabregas issue is a very touchy topic with Arsenal fans. I see people getting abuse for having an opinion - which, quite frankly, is ridiculous. Everyone has an opinion on whether or not Arsenal should have signed Fabregas. These opinions are a derivative of a multitude of factors that vary from individual to individual.

What I find amusing is people trying to change the opinions of others by sometimes stating pros and cons of the deal, but mostly by abusing this random person they have never met in real life. Let everyone have an opinion, disagree with it or agree with it, but show some respect to someone you've never met.

Most of all, don't abuse Cesc. He came, he went, he wanted to come back again and we said no so he moved to Chelsea. By all means feel the same way about him as you would any other Chelsea player but don't reserve special hate for him because he's ex-Arsenal - we're better than that.

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