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Welcome to the Sh*tstorm

I talk while I tweet. That may sound unusual, unbalanced, even, and you'd be right. I often respond to tweets I read verbally rather than sending that fatal electronic series of sentences that would reveal what I really think of them. Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I frown. Sometimes I weep like a broken-hearted child. But in these past few days, since the Emirates Cup, I find myself saying one thing again and again:

"Oh, for the love of fuck. Get a fucking grip."

Arsenal's first pre-season defeat appears to have released a torrent of pent-up frustration in many Arsenal fans. Concerns about the squad, manager, transfers and the general running of the club have been surprisingly quiet of late. I've engaged in more reasoned debate than I ever have before. There seemed a quiet confidence, even among the most negative, that things were happening. However, two Didier Drogba goals later, and we're back to the scenes found at the conclusion of last summer's window.

Half the team needs to be replaced, except Arsenal aren't going to buy anyone. Arsène Wenger is out of his depth, senile and childish. And the Arsenal board are once again an uncaring group of faceless suits who spend all their time having Bunga-Bunga parties with the transfer budget, parties dominated by the glistening naked figure of Stan Kroenke, wearing three different wigs. People's opinions haven't actually been changed at all. They're just wearing brightly coloured jumpers. 

I can understand frustration over transfers. We all want Arsenal to go places this season, and make the necessary additions. But there's a sudden defeatism, despite Arsenal's shortcomings being exposed a little against Galatasaray. The storm of negativity that accompanies defeats, any defeats, is astonishing. There's no evidence to suggest anything has changed. Arsenal are still chasing Luis Suarez, as well as other players (if we listen to John Cross, at any rate). Arsène Wenger seems hopeful of getting players in. But there are less than four weeks left, and ARSENAL LOST A GAME OF FOOTBALL. So the powder is remaining dry, and Arsenal will be lucky to finish 4th once more. 

People who were previously preaching patience, have suddenly returned to their usual disrespectful sniping at the club, with the general message being that they know better than Arsène does. One blog, which will go unnamed, has gone as far as to suggest that Arsène Wenger has been scared into spending money by the Emirates Cup defeat, and has had no idea what he's doing this summer. He must have sold all those players by mistake. He didn't mean to sell Gervinho, he actually sent him out for a Pizza Romana but called Rudi Garcia's number instead. Then shat himself. 

What amazes me is how childish and changeable grown men can be. I was disappointed when Galatasaray beat us. I didn't start chewing the carpet and demanding a boardroom reshuffle and demanding 40m signings RIGHT NOW OR I SHALL SCREAM. It's bizarre. Have we not got used to disappointment these last few years? Or is every bad thing still a fresh, deep wound in the Gooner psyche? It's gone so far that members of the Black Scarf Movement were seen to be joking about burning down a well-known Arsenal pub. With the fans still in it. The pub for whatever reason has a reputation for being pro-Arsène, which it isn't. The fans just have a 'mustn't grumble' attitude. This is now intolerable. I'd talk at length about the societal factors and changes in the game of football that have led to things like this happening in the BSM, but that's for another blog. Possibly in a psychological journal. 

So yeah. Calm down, innit? 

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