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Self-proclaimed arsehole but that’s okay. He’s Josh, he’s @DNArsenal, and he’s here to inform you of whatever’s going on in that twisted, demented, occasionally perverted, and Arsenal-filled mind of his. Fun fact: allergic to the word “Tottenham,” whatever that is.

Signings of Arsenal Past, Present, & Future

Hello there everyone, I write this for you on a fine Sunday in which I'm still basking in the glow of one of the most exciting signings this club has ever seen, I'm wearing the new home shirt, and my damn "h" key is broken, so I essentially have to smash the keyboard with my face everytime I have to use it.

On Thursday, Arsenal made official something that had been highly speculated for a long time prior, and that was our kits. They look really quite lovely in my opinion, and I especially like the third kit. The away kit doesn't look nearly as nice as last season's, which I think will go down in the all-time greats. The home kit is a solid start to the Puma era.

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Arsenal #ITK

Twitter’s a funny place. This is especially true when it comes to Arsenal fans. On Saturday, I highlighted a few of the problems with Arsenal supporters on the internet, and seeked to remedy them by setting a couple of rules. However, one thing that I failed to address (although I felt that Rule 4 covered this one too) is the supposed “ITKs” that claim to have “exclusive” information because they have a mate who has a sister who has a husband who has a mother who has a dog who has a dog friend who has another dog friend who is enemies with a cat who ate a pigeon who has a buddy that crapped on someone’s head who was a taxi driver who has a cousin who has a friend who once saw Ivan Gazidis getting lunch at KFC.

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Rules Of Being A Gooner On The Internet

Hello there everyone, and welcome to my first blog on Goonersphere. If you don’t know who I am, don’t beat yourself up. I’ve only blogged five times before, but the lunatics at Goonersphere decided it would be a good idea to let me write my weird and nonsensical thoughts on this website. So here I am. Obviously there’s really no question what I’m going to be writing about. While I do enjoy dogs, sandwiches, and occasionally a bit of sleep, I, along with many of you, live, breathe, and sh!t Arsenal.

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