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Stillmansphere is our regular Tim Stillman column. Tim is a well-respected Arsenal supporter and writer for various sites.


Silence Is Golden For Wenger's Ex-Players

This weekend, Patrick Vieira granted an interview to Matt Dickinson in the Times, as he prepares to begin his new role as manager of New York City FC in the MLS. “I’ve never been contacted by anyone from Arsenal Football Club to manage or get involved with the club,” he revealed. “Was I disappointed? (Big exhale). I was expecting something from them, but it didn’t come. It didn’t kill me.”

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Transfers Aren't The Only Way To Improve, As Arsenal Prove

The transfer market has become a self-sustaining industry in its own right in recent years, to the point that the SSN driven soap operahas begun to pollute football analysis somewhat. A sort of swap meet is beginning to develop with elite coaches too. As such, the transfer market is so prevalent that it is often viewed as the one and only way for a team to improve.

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